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StayonboardArtGallery (ST.o.B.) is established in the form of S.a.S. (limited partnership) with three partners, Rita Martella (general partner), Francesco Di Serio and Clelia Di Serio (limited partners).

The CEO is composed from experts in the field of entrepreneurship and communication unified by a common strong passion from over twenty years that has led them to come into contact with many artistic realities.

The Director of ST.o.B, Clelia Di Serio, chairs a Master’s degree in communication psychology at the Swiss University in Lugano and a school of data-journalism at the University of San Raffaele in Milan.

Since 2003 Clelia Di Serio collaborates with organization of exhibition in Italy (Pavia, Milano, Venezia, Torino, Roma) and abroad (Berlin, Munich, Salzburg et al.) In artists selection the CEO benefits of the support of a board of art curators and collectors.

ST.o.B. Director: Clelia Di Serio

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