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01 Giu 2023 - 15 Set 2023
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Via Guidino 29 – Paradiso
Lugano CH

Curated by Nicola Bigliardi

The exhibition “Breaking Views” organized by StayonBoard Art Gallery and promoted by THE VIEW in Lugano, aims to blend the architectural and scenic marvels of The View Lugano with the artworks of 8 international artists, captivating the viewer’s gaze both as they peer out into the real world and as they contemplate the realm of imagination.

Gunter Pusch (Landshut, Germany) presents a world where seemingly disparate elements such as nature and technology engage in a dialogue, employing both artisanal painting techniques and digital printing processes. Abandoned factories and machinery coexist alongside animals and plants within a single dimension, inhabiting a vital complexity that renders it impossible to separate one from the other.

In the imaginative universe of Guido Nosari (Bergamo, Italy), images from the past and present coexist simultaneously, shrouded in privacy and intimacy. The dialogue with the body is veiled by a delicate layer of protective silk, simultaneously corporeal, bearing tactile imprints made with gold leaf.

William West‘s (Coggeshall, UK) sculptural work recalibrates the artisanal process to address environmental concerns. Defying the traditional conventions that view sculptures as monumental, vertical, and rigidly posed objects, the English artist utilizes various blocks and materials (such as marble or slate) in a true recycling fashion.

Elisa Muliere (Tortona, Italy), fascinated by the realms of the subconscious, focuses her artistic exploration on the human psyche, narrating potential conflicts, harmonies, and tensions that persist and transform through digital transformations. Her painting is an ongoing search for an essence, an occurrence, a breath, transcending the stylistic confines of abstraction or figuration.

Angelo Bertoglio ( Pavia, Italy) conceives painting as an artisanal craft driven by color exploration. His compositions, combining geometric and gestural elements, should be seen as tonal variations, where each color is perceived not in isolation but in relation to others. The artist seeks to convey that our understanding of the world and ourselves can only be enriched through interactions and relationships.

Simone Butturini (Verona, Italy) discovers the grace and poetic lightness of everyday life through painting.
A set table, disheveled beds, and elegant shoes resonate with the joie de vivre found in small moments. Swift and concise brushstrokes create an evasive composition, drawing us closer to the pursuit of that unique and indescribable moment of happiness.

Tamara Stefanini (Milan, Italy) portrays an untainted world, occasionally surreal and poetic, where Nature takes center stage. Among her preferred subjects are scenes from lakeside life, as she seeks sublime and active contemplation rather than passive observation.

Through the commanding force of his gestural expression on wood, Klaus Prior (Wesel, Germany) skillfully captures the ceaseless quest for identity within the human existence. His figures ascend, imbued with the vibrant hues of nature, resembling towering arboreal beings stretching towards the heavens. In a state of profound expressiveness, they exist in a perpetual dynamic between the realms of the abstract and the figurative, striking a delicate balance between the tangible and the intangible

  • Date: 01 Giu 2023 - 15 Set 2023
  • Location:Via Guidino 29 Paradiso - Lugano CH
  • Curators:Nicola Bigliardi
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