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06 Jun 2022 - 30 Jun 2022

«Cerca una maglia rotta nella rete
Che ci stringe, tu balza fuori, fuggi!
Va, per te l’ho pregato, – ora la sete
Mi sarà lieve, meno acre la ruggine…»

In Limine, Ossi di seppia (1925) E. Montale

We selected 6 Artist of 4 different countries to “interpret” the concept of “INTERIORS”:
CONCEPT: The last two years of the pandemic and emergency situations have made this world immense. The extreme mobility at the root of globalization had made everyone a citizen of the world. Since 2020 there has been a dramatic and sudden stop to all mobility and suddenly human beings have closed themselves in their cities, in their homes, in themselves. The dimension of isolation has made the “interiors” the new natural habitat of man.
This exhibition, wants to involve the visitors in reviewing the “internals” life of the last two years through the eyes of 6 Artists of different countries and of different artistic genres.
The Artists are prone to dialogue with “TIME AND SPACE” the theme of ART DESIGN WEEK aware that “ Art that has no future, it is only the daughter of its time but will never become the mother of the future, is a sterile art” sayd Kandinsky in the Spiritual in the arts. The works of these 6 artists are not selected to record the time but work with it and go beyond.  The exhibition is a path starting with GIULIO CASSANELLI works with the representation of uniqueness. A woman, with a mask in a suffering and languid pose who intertwines his hands, a general iconographic representation difficult condition of a woman and explore the interiors space of uniqueness. Black Apple series explores the relationship between a simple object like an apple and its related values and symbols during the ages.  Third work is a vague gradient portrait of a person like a dream, with a unique technique made with incandescent iron on polistirene.
ALBINA YALOZA is the second artist. These three works of this Ukrainian artist, that works in this cycle called Creation, with the relationship between hand and the renaissance of the human being after the black hole of isolation. These images are made by the linocut technique, also known as lino print or linoleum art, is a printmaking technique, a variant of woodcut in which a sheet of linoleum (sometimes mounted on a wooden block) is used for a relief surface. (Incision) . Then we come across a kind of stumbling of WILLIAM WEST called “blocks”. The artist conceives these works of marble like an illusion in the eyes of the spectator where the slight increase show us a different perspective of the marble, the symbol of monumental and classic sculpture. The artist is able to manipulate a natural material as synonymous of interventions that we as a race impose on the nature that surrounds us intended as a mere observations.

The works of GUNTER PUSCH are devoted to investigate the conflict between nature and technology in the search for the hidden meanderings of life through the dialogue between human and machine, art and nature.
The works are oil on canvas with printed elements. Through the interiors space of an engine he searches the mistery of live, the origin, the essence of all the things.  In SIMONE BUTTURINI oil on canvas and acryl on fabric, a rarefied atmosphere arises that investigates inner spaces of human habitat. The visitor is introduced to a contemplative vision between real and imagination like in a dream merging meditation and silence. The last artist ANGELO BERTOGLIO works represent an abstract world showing his research focuses on obtaining a multidimensional effect and thickness of the figures that stand out on the canvas. The visitor is driven in an interior space where the artist, like the Montale poetry, invites public to an inner voyage at the research of himself, and the ultimate secret of things.

  • Date: 06 Jun 2022 - 30 Jun 2022
  • Location:Via Tortona 37
  • Curators:ST.o.B.
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