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A place for those who want to go beyond everything that art does not want to be.

Stayonboard Art Gallery, was born in 2022 on the concept that art represents a “universal journey”.

The Gallery becomes the symbol of a ship that hosts the artists on a journey of mutual knowledge and allows the visitor who “gets on board” to enjoy the sensitivity of national and international artists in a synergy between different artistic forms, from painting to sculpture , from video installations to street art.

The gallery represents a project in solidarity with the artists and with the public. ST.O.B is “inclusive” rather than “exclusive” in the sense that it welcomes artists of any age, nationality and gender with no costs, and allowing the artists to answer to a “call for paintings” based on a specific theme, social-uban and contemporary on which artists should engage and are selected.

The leit-motiv is to reduce practical and economic difficulties that artists have to present their work, granting for the selection of high quality artists, thanks to a committee composed by the Gallery CEO, the curator, a selected pool of art collectors, and art-digital manager.

To the world that grapples with the immediacy of visual communication and the “speed” ST. O.B responds with a search for introspective art, painting-sculpture-installations-visual art, a slowart form.

The visitor of Stayonboard Art Gallery will find himself immersed in suggestions of very different styles unified in the “concept” of each event.

The last two years of the pandemic and emergency situations have made this world immense.
The extreme mobility at the root of globalization had made everyone a citizen of the world. Since 2020 there has been a dramatic and sudden stop to all mobility and suddenly human beings have closed themselves in their cities, in their homes, in themselves.
The dimension of isolation has made the “interiors” the new natural habitat of man.

Stayonboard Art Gallery – Via Gluck 62, Milano.

S.a.s StayonboardArtGallery (ST.o.B.). P. Iva: 12308700967.
Members of the limited partnership: Rita Martella, Francesco Di Serio, Clelia Di Serio
ST.o.B. Director: Clelia Di Serio


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