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Giulio Cassanelli

Giulio Cassanelli (1979, Bologna) lives and works in Lugano and Bologna.

As a student in Bologna in the early 2000s Cassanelli developed a special connection with the camera, which led him to abandon his law studies and focus entirely on photography.
It’s trough the lens of his camera that he first approaches a theme that will be consistent throughout his artistic research: the complicated relationship between time and self- determination. In his early works, images of scrap and rotten items, the artist tries to exercise control over the inevitable changes that time inflicts on people and things.
It’s when he discovers a new medium, soap, that his research, abandoning all sorts of control, becomes fluid and mutual.
With the colored bubbles, result of an alchemy between soap, ink and gravity, Giulio investigates the philosophical meaning behind his interaction with an ephemeral trajectory. Like a breath, a pictorial snapshot or the trace of a perfect gesture, the fleeting bubbles are captured by the artist on different surfaces and are expression of an elusive moment that becomes tangible on paper: the bubble disappears but a trace remains, witnessing human presence and the unavoidable synergy between forces.
A shared authorship is eventually established and art becomes the result of an action-reaction relationship between the artist and the chosen medium.

Cassanelli has held solo show at renown galleries in Italy , Switzerland and Dubai, in 2009 he exhibited at La Venaria in Turin and took part in the 11th edition of the Istanbul Biennal. His work is part of prestigious collections in Italy and abroad. In 2016 he co-founded, an artist run space that creates, develops and produces the format RAID.


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