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The “concepts” represent the “leitmotiv” of the Gallery, that is, the themes around which artists find themselves, confront each other and combine their art forms and their talents.
The “concepts” also give the title to the exhibitions, and are spread in the network of artists through ST.o.B. call for paintings.

WHAT IS “STOB call for paintings” ?:

“ST.o.B. call for paintings” constists in a concept-themed announcement that will be spread mainly on social networks.
3 times a year ST.o.B. will select a general “concept” strongly related to cultural and social hot topics.

In 2022-2023 ST.o.B proposes the following call for paintings

– Interiors (already closed)
– How much freedom is too much? (open)
– Nature or nurture? (open)

The last two years of the pandemic and emergency situations have made this world immense. The extreme mobility at the root of globalization had made everyone a citizen of the world. Since 2020 there has been a dramatic and sudden stop to all mobility and suddenly human beings have closed themselves in their cities, in their homes, in themselves. The dimension of isolation has made the
“interiors” the new natural habitat of man.

send an application starting from JULY 2022

The theme of freedom is one of the most important issues for the human being where cultures, religions and entire societies clash. Entire westerncountries generations born in the 50s have considered their freedoms as acquired rights, while freedom are the result of struggles and sacrifices of all previous generations, still ongoing.
The concept of FREEDOM has been put to the test in the recent years, also by the pandemic since even the most private rights, like free will on health and personal mobility have been replaced with the “raison d’état”. In these days another looming fear is added: the threat of war, absolutely out of the common imagination of all, which shakes our sense of freedom and justice.
How much freedom is too much is the titles proposed by ST.o.B. for the new call for paintings to examine the way artists from different nationality and different artistic genres think and communicate to the public issues about individual freedom and feel the increasing limitations.

send an application starting from November 2022

The last innovations and discoveries are increasingly creating the conflict between technological advances aimed at improving human well-being and the erosion of nature, which represents an indispensable “nurture” for human existence.
ST.o.B. proposes the theme “Nature or nurture” to investigate together with the artists a contemporary vision of this irreconcilable conflict.

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