via Gluck, 62 20125 Milano

William West

Born in England, William West in 1996 finished art school and left London to live in Italy.
His studio is next to a factory that works marble and soon waste marble became the preferred material for his sculptures.
A lot of his early work was concentrated on this aspect of recycling, such as dressing in marble found objects like plastic containers or abandoned clothing, and working with the pre-conceptions that surrounds the material, whether it be notions of luxury or the ties it has to traditional sculpture. What started off as a banal gesture, the re-visitation of the still life genre, became a Duchampian exercise in the ‘ready made’, where the genre itself was the found object.
William West is able to manipulate a natural material as synonymous of interventions that we as a race impose on the nature that surrounds us intended as a mere observations.
Since 2005 he exhibits in Italy (Milano, Pavia, Trieste) and abroad (England and Austria).


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