via Gluck, 62 20125 Milano

Gunter Pusch

GUNTER PUSCH born in Landshut after working as aeronautical mechanic in the German army and after travelling extensively to Asia, was awarded with degree in architecture at the University of Munich where he completed his studies in industrial and architectural drawing.
He worked in Germany as artist and architect until 2002.

Since 2002 he continued his artistic activity in Milan where he lives and works.
In his paintings, technology and nature come out in a mixture of mechanic alienation and living dimension where humans and nature compete in conquering territories.
Motors become a symbolic representation of internal mechanisms, replacing sometimes emotions sites – interpreting the conflict between nature and technology.
His work is a continuous research process through introspective themes and different painting techniques. Since 2002 he exhibits regularly in Italy (Milan, Venice, Turin, Alto Adige, Rome) and abroad (Germany, Austria, France)


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